About us

The origins of Tyrrell Building Technologies Group can be traced back to 1997 and its original discipline of energy controls and automation within Tyrrell Systems. The group business units were initially expanded to include Tyrrell Products, a hi-tech software and hardware manufacturing and distribution business. Those business units continued to grow with more clients for our engineering team and more system integration partners for Tyrrell Products.



Tyrrell Systems

Smart Buildings, Turnkey IoT, Maintenance Contracts, Remote Monitoring. Serving Diverse Sectors.

Masters of IoT & Building Automation. Tridium Niagara Experts. Uniting Systems for Efficiency.

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Effortlessly install Halo Smart IoT devices. Elevate spaces with intelligent, efficient solutions.

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Our IoT range redefines home comfort, efficiency, and security. Control with ease via apps or voice.

IoT synergy, well-being insights, property protection, smart infrastructure, BIM automation, building optimization.

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Elevating Infrastructure: Efficiency and Sustainability

Discover a streamlined approach to enhancing infrastructure. Our advanced solutions drive carbon reduction, energy efficiency, and cost savings, while ensuring compliance with regulations. Real-time monitoring, intelligent reporting, and seamless IoT integration offer precise control and visual insights.


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Join Our Growing Team: Exciting Career Opportunities Await!

Our team is continually expanding and we are always looking for self-motivated individuals who want to grow their knowledge and forward their careers in a rewarding role in one of our businesses.